The Book Is Here!

ImageI had been working on a variety of possible postings for this week–and then the UPS man knocked on my door.  He delivered the book–hardcover, refined, official–I love it!

It really is a fine book, especially from a design perspective.  From the font choices to the photo insert, it is well thought-out and crafted with care. And I can’t take much of the credit for that–praises go to the designers.

So after years of work, years of beating the drum for Toole’s story, I think everything that needs to said right now is this:  I am content, humbled and honored sitting outside on a spring-like day with this book in my hand, flipping through the pages.   

Ken: I hope you approve.


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5 responses to “The Book Is Here!

  1. Marty E.

    Who did the cover design? I could find a credit on the copyright page for the person who did the layout – Cynthia Young – but I wanted to make sure it was the same person. I rather like it.

  2. Yay Cory, my Latin class buddy!!! Superbus Sum Somnia Rem Facis.! (I’m so proud of you making your dreams a reality!) Cant wait to see ya at the signing!!!!

  3. Thanks, Aunt Deb. We will certainly have our chance to toast!

  4. Aunt Deb

    You must have tears in your eyes holding the finale from years of research and hard work!
    So proud of you. Wish we were there to toast your accomplishment.

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