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The Book Is Here!

ImageI had been working on a variety of possible postings for this week–and then the UPS man knocked on my door.  He delivered the book–hardcover, refined, official–I love it!

It really is a fine book, especially from a design perspective.  From the font choices to the photo insert, it is well thought-out and crafted with care. And I can’t take much of the credit for that–praises go to the designers.

So after years of work, years of beating the drum for Toole’s story, I think everything that needs to said right now is this:  I am content, humbled and honored sitting outside on a spring-like day with this book in my hand, flipping through the pages.   

Ken: I hope you approve.


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Film Screening in Fredericksburg VA

The film screening for Joe Sanford’s John Kennedy Toole: The Omega Point will be held on May 8th at the Fredericksburg Athanaeum. Click here for more details. There will be two screenings: 7pm and 10pm. Joe Sanford, Joel Fletcher and I will be on a panel answering questions between the two screenings. Space is limited so tickets are a necessity. Hope to see you all there!

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