from Butterfly in the Typewriter

He broke the silence of the room with the first few keystrokes, sending forth the fat medievalist Ignatius Reilly into the carnival of New Orleans life. The language started to pour out.  Pent up energies of a decade flowed filling page after page as he conjured the characters of his past and spun a tale of absurdity and hilarity.  And over the next few months, a thrilling sense emerged in him that he was writing something readable, something publishable. His future success, the rave reviews, the devoted readers, the accolades and awards that would come, were entirely unknown to him.  Nonetheless, as he cranked away at the typewriter in his small private room, as that fluttering music of the novelist danced out of the open windows, borne aloft in the Caribbean breeze, he ascended to his pinnacle moment. He crafted his masterpiece, A Confederacy of Dunces.

Available March 27, 2012 at your local bookstore or online booksellers